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Zen Houses

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Sapanca, Sakarya, TÜRKİYE

Zen Houses that were designed as vacation houses in Sakarya / Türkiye.
The theme is weekend getaway and the client needed two houses in this lot that can be rented for vacation purposes. Around the lot were some other buildings that were not appealing at all and the sloped nature of the field was another challenge. Therefore the concept of Zen, the need for silence and serenity became the anchor for the design. The slope in the field was used to set different levels for the houses and balance the privacy. For instance from the road on the north only roofs of the buildings are visible. And the courtyard became an oasis for the visitors with hot water pools, fire pits and zen gardens.

The shell on upper level works like a shield closing the buildings towards the outer edges of the lot and open up through the courtyard like a fruit slice. The courtyard embodies life and freedom and all the chill vibes while the facades that are close to neighbors are more rigid and the fenestration is like a thin horizontal incision.

And two blocks the “House of Fire” and the “House of Water” is based on the main scenario of Zen concept. Balance and unity. “The House of Fire” has a fire pit in the courtyard and warmer color palette such as the brick cladding on the facade. On the other hand “the house of water” includes a larger pool that is configured with both indoor/outdoor usage options and a wet space with a built in sauna.

The concept is developed and the house is designed, modelled and rendered by ODA Creative & Architecture. The interior design was also done by ODA Creative & Architecture and completed in 2022.

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